My Work

This morning my husband stated: "We need to make a point of taking days off". 
He is right. We are both self employed. We both tend to work every day.  And yet, as I write this it feels strange to call what I do "work". Because truthfully, I am happy doing it every single day. It feeds my soul. When we take a day to go for a hike, the surrounding beauty feeds my ideas for a new jewelry design. The colors of nature feed my ideas for gemstone combinations. 
Today we took a little hike up McGee Canyon. One of our favorite hikes. There is a little bit of snow. It was sunny yet crisp with the incredible blue skies that we get in the Eastern Sierra after a storm. 
So, we took  the day off. And it felt good. Relaxing.  But, I did sneak into my workshop to add a little bit of texture to a piece I have been working on. I couldn't help it.

What does this say about my work, my pieces and my art? I love my job. I live it and breathe it, and it doesn't feel like a job. So, what this means is that when you purchase a piece of my art--no matter which piece--I have put a huge scoop of my heart and soul into it. Each piece is crafted individually, fabricated with my hands from a sheet of silver, a torch, hammer, saw and often a sprinkling of gemstones.

"I’m going to give you a handful of wildflowers

so, each petal that falls will remind you

that the earth breathes, and the moon rises."

Carolyn Riker