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Agatized Fossil, Carnelian and Madeira Citrine in Sterling Silver Necklace


This spectacular Fossil Gemstone is perched below Carnelian with a Madeira Citrine gemstone below.  

Please see photo of back of pendant. I pierced out an Indian Paintbrush Wildflower to embellish the back side.

Dino Bone Fossils are over 65 million years old!

When I saw this Dinosaur Bone Cabochon, I immediately thought of how I wanted to design with it, but I didn’t know much about the fossil stone itself.
I had been searching for information to explain the fossilization process and came upon a Facebook group that shares geology and lapidary information.
Many, many thanks to Lesley Aine Mckeown for sharing her knowledge and the following information and also allowing me to share.
“…there is a particular set of circumstances that needs to happen for fossilization to occur.” “As the minerals in the water and soil penetrate the buried bones, the original organic material is replaced and bone takes on the physical properties of these minerals. In rare instances the organic dinosaur bone material is replaced by agate and becomes Agatized dinosaur bone. This is the material used for cabochons. 95% of the fossilized dinosaurs bone found is colored brown, grays or tan. Only 5% of fossilized dinosaurs bone is blue, orange, red, white and yellow making dinosaur bone in these colors valuable and rare.”

Pendant Measures approximately 2 inches long and hangs on a sterling silver wheat weave chain.

Dino Bone Fossil, Carnelian, Madeira Citrine in Sterling Silver

Your jewelry will be shipped to you in a gift box.  I include a complimentary Sunshine Polishing Cloth with each piece of jewelry.

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