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Agatized Fossil with Sunstone Gemstone Necklace


Big, Bold and Beautiful Whimsical Heart Shaped Fossil Coral with a Faceted 6mm Sunstone gemstone.
Fossil Coral, Sunstone and Sterling Silver.

This beautiful hand cut Fossil Coral heart pendant measure 3" in length and hangs from a Sterling Silver chain. Entire necklace measures at 37" in length with the ability to clasp at any point along the length of the chain. 

Please take a look at the special mountain lake scene on the backside of the pendant.  I hand pierced this scene with a jewelers saw, layered and soldered to the backside of the pendant for an extra special touch with lots of meaning. Perfect for the nature lover. 

Fossil Coral is a natural stone that is formed when ancient coral, once a living organic, marine animal leaves behind a skeleton that is fossilized and preserved. These coral remains are gradually replaced with agate, a variety of naturally occurring chalcedony, or microcrystalline quartz, finally becoming a stone. It typically appears as beautiful flower like formations in the stone. 

The entire process can take over 20 million years and occurs only under very unique geological conditions.

Fossil coral should not be mistaken for endangered or protected reef coral or precious coral. It is considered to be a type of agate or chalcedony, rather than a type of coral, due to its silicon dioxide composition.

Your jewelry will be shipped to you in a gift box.  I include a complimentary Sunshine Polishing Cloth with each piece of jewelry.

* This necklace ships free via USPS Priority Mail in a small Flat Rate Box*

During this time of the COVID-19 shelter in place recommendations, all items ship  free. I have arranged for a mail service to pick up packages for mailing one day per week, and days will vary dependent on their schedule, but is usually on Thursday. Please allow 7 days for item to be shipped out. It may be sooner, depending on timing of order.  

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