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 I hand drew, hand sawed, layered and soldered each piece in this very Bolo with a Bear in the Woods scene.  The bolo features a bear paw print, pine trees, and a black bear walking above a beautiful, uniquely cut piece of Royston Turquoise.

This bolo tie is a one of a kind piece of art jewelry.

This bolo tie is a beautiful, substantial and large piece, measuring at 2 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. The bolo cord is 44 inches of braided leather.

My hand sawn bear paw print is sterling silver, with a layer of sterling silver pierced pine trees.  The bears and the soaring bird, are hand sawn from bronze to add a deep rich color. The Royston Turquoise stone is set in fine silver. The bolo cord is braided leather of 44 inches in length tipped with my handmade sterling silver bolo tips with a mountain and pine tree embellishment.This beautifully unique bolo   Please take a look at the video I created for this listing to see the clasp in action.

*Sterling Silver
*Royston Turquoise
*44 inch leather cord.

Bear in the Woods Bolo Tie
Bear in the Woods Bolo Tie Sale price$750.00